Road Map

Here is a high level road map for JonoonDB. As we go ahead with our implementation, it may be changed or tweaked.

End of April 2020
  • Delete document support: Delete documents based on a where condition.
  • Update document support: Update entire document.
  • Concurrency support: Allow multiple threads to access (Read/Write) JonoonDB simultaneously.

End of August 2020
  • Extensive SQL testing: Run and compare SQL results between JonoonDB and other popular databases for correctness.
  • Performance enhancements: Perform a detailed performance review and make improvements.
  • Benchmarks: Write code to benchmark JonoonDB and publish the results.

End of December 2020 - V1 Release
  • Security review: Perform a detailed security review of JonoonDB.
  • Documentation: Write detailed documentation about API, classes, tutorials and architecture.
  • Testing: Testing, testing and more testing.

2021 and beyond
  • Vectorized query processor: Generate and execute vectorized query plan.
  • Support protobuf: Support protobuf as a native JonoonDB storage format.
  • Support JSON: Support JSON as either a native format or through an adapter.
  • Support Cap'n Proto: Support Cap'n Proto as a native JonoonDB storage format.
  • New index types: Develop new index types e.g. spatial.
  • JonoonDB server: Develop database server that exposes JonoonDB functionality over network.
  • GUI based admin tool: Develop GUI based admin tools (e.g. pgadmin) for JonoonDB.
  • Security Features: User authentication and authorization.
  • JonoonDB cluster: Develop JonoonDB cluster with sharding and replication support.